• K. Shannon Creative is a full-service portrait photography studio located in League City, Texas serving the Houston and Galveston areas.
    We offer in-home consultations for wardrobe, portrait planning, and image selection.
    Specialties include Newborn, Family, and High School Senior Portraits.

Amanda and Brandt are expecting their first child soon, so they joined me for a maternity session just before Christmas. We flew our sleigh out to the park for some couples portraits, then headed back to the studio. There, we released Brandt to play on my husband’s new arcade game (they’re coworkers) and I spent some one on one time in the studio with Amanda. She is just a stunningly beautiful in my maternity gowns, and I can’t wait to meet little Mav once he makes his grand entrance to the world : )

BLOG_ma15_amanda-1001Pin itBLOG_ma15_amanda-1003Pin itBLOG_ma15_amanda-1002Pin itBLOG_ma15_amanda-1005Pin itDid I mention they’re complete goofballs? This would be the “Watch me whip, watch me sleigh-sleigh” shot.BLOG_ma15_amanda-1004Pin itCan you even stand it? Gorgeous. Perfection.BLOG_ma15_amanda-1006Pin itBLOG_ma15_amanda-1007Pin itBLOG_ma15_amanda-1008Pin it



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I can’t always take last-minute holiday shoots… but somehow, some way, I have managed to be *completely caught up* on all holiday editing and orders… and it’s only December 15!!!

In the photography world, we call this a Christmas Miracle.

If you feel you’ve waited too long and there’s just no way it’s happening this year, I’m here to help. Throw some clothes on those kids, brush your hair, and head my way. Let’s do this. I don’t care how much weight you didn’t lose this year, or how you can’t find matchy matchy outfits for everybody, or how your sweet angel cracked a tooth on the playground or cut her own bangs yesterday.

This is your family. This is your blessing. This is who you are, right now. Embrace it. Call me.

Everything from here on out will be 24-hour editing turnaround. I’ll fill your orders as long as my lab keeps telling me they can ship in time for Christmas, which is probably December 22 or 23. Everything ships overnight via FedEx.


Quick Sessions are $150. All prints and products are sold separately. Your Print Selection Appointment will be scheduled quickly so that we can meet and get your order on the way! Due to the need for fast turnaround, instead of printed proofs, we will just be looking at my computer screen together : )

Give me a call or fill out the Contact Form at the top of this page. I’ll check my e-mail and voicemail obsessively so we can make this happen for you.