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Senior sessions are so much fun!  We knew from our initial meeting that Sarah’s mom wanted an album, so I made sure we had lots of different scenes/shots to showcase this beautiful girl’s personality over twenty pages of images. We started off in the studio… where Sarah’s pup Brady joined us for a bit! It was a pretty windy day so we also photographed her Color Guard and letter jacket things in the studio.

After that, we headed to the University of Houston campus, where Sarah will be attending college this fall. We even utilized the big empty parking garage for a few shots! Campus was crazy windy.

Because we had such a beautiful sunny day and had gotten started kind of early, we had time to stop at Niko Niko’s for an early dinner. My favorite kind of session is where I’m with great people AND there’s a Greek food break… it was my lucky day : )

Once it got not-so-bright as we edged closer to sunset, we hit several areas of downtown Houston for the colorful street art murals! It’s fun to look at the photos throughout the day, and see the progression from studio-Sarah to the very last shots, where she’s twirly-fringe-skirt Sarah!

I had so much fun with these ladies. They’re transplants from Kentucky so I tried to provide some fun Houston facts as we drove around town. Personal tour and photo shoot all in one, my friends.

Thank to Andrea Simmons of FaceForward Makeup for the beautiful hair and makeup!

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Portrait sessions are $375. If you’d like a professional on hand to take care of your hair and makeup, that service is complimentary.


I met Renee out at Little G Farm in Alvin for some crack-o-dawn portraits of her and the doggies. Renee was, of course, beaming and beautiful in her Aggie Maroon! Par for the course with that girl. The pups cooperated after a little hard work, I mean… they’re dogs, it’s the morning, they were full of energy : ) We got some great portraits *with dogs looking the right way*, then Renee changed into her rodeo gear. I jokingly had her lean on the fence (cowgirl cliche, right?), but those pictures turned out to be some of my absolute favorites.

Heeeeeere’s Renee! Does she look familiar? She totally reminds me of Miranda Lambert. GORGEOUS!