Audrey + John: Engaged

Allow me to introduce the lovely and talented Audrey, who used to be my second shooter back when I did weddings…

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My favorite part of shooting weddings with Audrey was when I would get flustered about something, and be like, “I have to drive, can you see if you can figure out why my camera’s doing this weird thing?” and by the time we got to the reception venue, sure enough Audrey would have used her Google Fu (or deductive reasoning skills) to technically correct whatever half-minded setting I’d switched in the heat of the insanity that can sometimes be ceremony photography. She was the brains to my artistry. But she’s also artistic, so that was a total bonus. She may love dogs and cats as much as me. We were a good team, man. One time we drove to Beaumont and listened to the new Foo Fighters album the whole way there and back.

Well now Audrey is teaming up with John, and I was so glad to be able to meet him and spend some time taking engagement portraits in Galveston!  It makes my heart happy that this guy is going to be Mr. Audrey!!!

The happy couple (both Aggies, WHOOP!) is getting hitched in Scotland this summer.

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Thanks once again to the fabulous Andrea Simmons at FaceForward, who did hair and makeup for our shoot. Audrey doesn’t wear much makeup at all, and Andrea did a spectacular job of keeping it natural so that Audrey would be comfortable with the look, but still kinda look like a movie star : )


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