Baby Model Time!

Little newborn Elena joined me in the studio for a model call so I could practice a couple of things… I wanted to try some composite posing (where we sandwich two images together to make something cute, but never put baby in an unsafe situation), as well as the new prop bed I’d made a few weeks ago. I also had a new blue wrap we threw in for good measure. As an added bonus, while Elena was fast asleep we tried out the new feathery headband that my intern Courtney made on her first day with me. It is ADORABLE.

Folks, meet our model:
fbnb14_Elena_Model-1023Pin it

Moving right along, here’s our composite. We start with two images… image 1 is the chair by itself. Image 2 is our baby, perched in the chair, but very safely guarded by my assistant Joanne. At no time did we ever leave Elena to fend for herself– safety is way more important than getting the shot! When I shot the picture with Elena on the chair, we did a very quick 1-2-3 count, Joanne released her hands, I clicked, and Joanne immediately put her hands right back on the baby.

image1Pin itcompimage2Pin it

To make our final image, I performed a little photoshop magic by layering the two photos together, lining up the chair, and erasing all traces of Joanne!

Ta-daaaa! Perfect little mermaid just perched on the chair.

Image3cropCompositenb14_Elena_Model-1004Pin it

Next we experimented with the little bed I built especially for newborn portraits. It’s sized just right for a tiny snuggler! On one side, we have a flourish design and on the other, starfish… because I have this cute little mermaid outfit and thought it would be perfectly matched if I had a prop with some sea life. I had to include a nice little mermaid close-up too, just because she is so stinkin’ CUTE.

fbnb14_Elena_Model-1010Pin itfbnb14_Elena_Model-1015Pin itfbnb14_Elena_Model-1021Pin it

And now, the super-feathery bejeweled headband by Courtney. She worked hard on this adornment, and Elena totally rocked it out. People… the squishiness of this baby… can you EVEN stand it?

fbnb14_Elena_Model-1008Pin it

Overall, quite the successful day with our little supermodel. I’m so glad her mommy was able to stop by on such short notice and help us out.


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