Caroline: Cute and FAST!

Caroline’s family joined me for a Splendid Session in the park last weekend. We did two looks, one regular and one ridiculously cute santa-skirt-top thing (with… ruby slippers. SQUEEEE!). Like most kids Caroline’s age, she was very on-the-go, didn’t want to sit still for more than about 2.4 seconds, and absolutely every expression that came across her face was just absolutely endearing : ) I just love these little monkeys. I’ve been photographing her since birth, and it’s always great to have the privilege of working with her family again.

I employed the help of my high school senior friend Erin, who helped entertain while I shot. Both Erin and Caroline were kinda running around like chickens with their heads cut off there for a while, I’m going to be very honest with you– it was a challenge, but HIGHLY entertaining! I brought my bag-o-distractions for Erin, so she was able to keep Caroline interested when I really needed her to sit still. Mommy and Daddy were helpful as well, but if you’ve met kids… you know that the new cool girl is way more interesting than old Mom or Dad sometimes. Erin was a total lifesaver.

We were able to get so many beautiful shots of this little lady! I even got some sweet portraits of her parents while she and Erin were playing. It’s important, even when you’ve got kiddos, to keep on keepin’ on with the “just the two of us” portraits. As our little ones change over the years, so do we… but it’ll be fun to look back over the years and see those same glances and smiles (and little kiss faces) between Mom and Dad.

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