Emma, 7 days

I hardly ever actually get to meet my baby-clients on their exact due date, but since Emma was born just a tad early it worked out that way! She came to my studio for a Posed Newborn session with Mommy, Daddy, big sister Evelyn and Grandma. Grandma was on hand to make sure Evelyn had plenty of fun when she wasn’t in the studio for pictures.

I was able to get lots of beautiful shots of everyone! Emma thoroughly enjoyed our comfy squishy warm baby spa environment and was very cooperative with us moving her around into different fluffy stuff, as well as the santa bucket and the stroller. Joanne was out sick, so assistant-in-waiting Leigh stepped in to help.

My favorite shot of Emma is the one in the Santa Claus bucket. While there are many other squishy beautiful shots, this one is just so warm and deep and rich! She’s so festive, and she slept right through it all : )

For any budding photographers out there, all of the stroller and bed shots are composites (and some of the santa bucket shots), where we take two different photos and merge them together. In real life there is always a hand holding baby steady, or a couple of fingers supporting Baby’s head. Any time there’s a chance that Baby could fall or that we’re putting too much weight on that little neck, there is an extra pair of supporting hands that get removed later in Photoshop. For example, in the bed photos, we shoot safely with Baby and assistant first. Once I’ve gotten the photos I want, assistant removes baby from the bed and I take one photo of just the bed, by itself, with no assistant in the background. In Photoshop, the bed photo and baby photo are merged so that we don’t see our assistant! While it’s a lot more work… safety first.

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