Grady: Class of 2015, Lamar High School

Grady is just an all-around phenomenal person. He’s got this sense of chill-calm about him that would make anyone happy to spend a cloudy afternoon lugging a camera through the woods. He’s a down to earth hunter-fisherman who truly enjoys the great outdoors, so I worked to reflect that in his portraits.

Many congratulations to this Class of 2015 member, who was presented with the “Spirit of Lamar” award at his high school graduation– he was chosen by the faculty as the student who most embodied the spirit of Lamar high School!  He’ll also be presented this Saturday with the Minute Maid Grand Slam for Youth Baseball scholarship on the field before the Astros v. Yankees game… where I’ll be cheering him on from Section 330! Grady is attending Blinn College to study Kinesiology, looking toward a career in Physical Therapy.

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