Hadley: 5 1/2 Weeks (with a special appearance by big brother Jack)

Hadley came to visit, and while I normally suggest that newborn shoots take place within the first two weeks of life… I needed to try out the lighting in my new studio setup. Hadley and her Mommy were available, so I said “what the heck? Let’s give it a whirl!”

It may sound ridiculous to say that newborns this age are “too old”, but we seldom get the compact tummy-curling-up participation once babies have been out of the womb a few weeks. They’re simply more used to being able to stretch out those little arms and legs! Not to worry– they’re still plenty squishy and sweet. With enough persuasion, they might even sleep reliably for us. Mommy was at the ready to keep Hadley’s little tummy full and we were able to get some good naps out of her.

As an added bonus, Big Brother toddler-GQ ham Jack was also in attendance (he just turned 3). We didn’t have plans to take any pictures of him, but as you scroll down and take a look at the images from this shoot you’ll understand why I couldn’t resist. This kid! He’s adorable. There were some iffy moments when Mom handed Hadley over to me and Jack gave me the look of extreme disapproval and said, “MY Baby!” but he came around after a while. During one of the feeding breaks, he sang a sweet duet of “Baby Mine” with Mommy to his new little sister. Makes your heart flutter : )

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