High School Seniors: Portrait Session Information

Are you a senior? ANY TIME YOU WANT! Some will shoot the summer before their senior year, while others wait until the temps are cooler in the fall. If it’s spring and you still haven’t scheduled your portraits, it’s not too late– I work year-round! Everyone’s schedules are very busy, but keep in mind that the time around sunrise and sunset will be our best light of the day… and if you want to shoot your portraits in a place that’s usually full of people, our best bet is to choose a time when it’s less likely to be crowded. If you want to take pictures on private property (including restaurants, the Pleasure Pier, Kemah Boardwalk, pretty hotels or museums) you’ll need permission from the management or owner first.

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I do not stock caps and gowns for all of the local high schools, and many students wish to shoot Senior Portraits earlier, then Cap & Gown once you’re received your honor cords later in the year. If you shoot your Senior session with me, I am happy to have you to the studio later in the year for a quick complimentary C&G session.

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During your Portrait Plannning Session, we can explore all of the possibilities!

Wear what you love! Don’t be afraid to kick it up a notch : )
Senior portraits are all about style and who you are right now, so we can plan to bring along sports equipment/uniforms, musical instruments, letter jacket, your art, your pet (with a handler, please), any hobby items you want to include, your car or truck, boots, skateboard, pogo stick, favorite hat… whatever makes you feel happy. Arrange with coaches in advance if you’ll need pieces of your uniform. I’m happy to take your picture with your firearms, but they aren’t allowed in many public parks. Let’s save those poses for the backyard!

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Accessorize. Except for the ponytail holder you always wear on your wrist, you can leave that off for the day, LOL.

For girls, I recommend a formal look (cocktail or casual dress with heels, or whatever your dressy style is)… a hobby/sport look (band, football, cheerleading, etc.)… and of course a stylish casual look (jeans or shorts). We should opt for at least one classic/timeless option that will look good on the walls of your parents’ home forever!

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For guys, I like one dressy look with a collared shirt and nice shoes (you know… the outfit your parents want to see you in), one hobby/sport look (letter jacket, band instrument, sporting equipment, guitar, etc.), and a casual outfit (something you’re very comfortable in).

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Yes. Depending on the size of the print you order, I will edit skin accordingly– within your comfort zone. I try not to “over-soften” and make you look plastic and “obviously edited”. If you have cystic acne that is difficult to cover, or braces, I will let the professional Photoshop gurus at my print lab handle the editing!


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