Jing, 10 days

Sweet little Jing was ten days old when he and his family joined me in the studio for his infant portraits.

I was excited to meet him, and also itching to use my new sweet little bear hat and tiny stuffed bear set! We also got a new set of “posey pillows” that help get babies all squishy and show off those precious little back-wrinkles when we have them on their tunnies. It makes a nice little nest for them and gives them something to rest their heads upon. I had previously been using rolled up hand towels and cloth diapers but these are way better. Everything worked out beautifully, and I was happy to have assistant Joanne there to be the extra pair of hands.

The best thing about Jing’s portrait session was watching Mommy and Daddy interact with him. I’m just so very happy for this new family of three : )

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