Kim, Brad & Terra: First Family Portraits!

Brad and Kim just celebrated their first wedding anniversary! Jack and I were privileged to be present as guests at their gor-gee-ous wedding on a perfectly snuggly evening last November outside of Austin… we turned it into “Jack and Kasey Anniversary Weekend” with a visit to Fredericksburg, bonus!

But back to these precious people… Kim & Brad joined me out at Challenger Park for a quick session with their insanely lovable pup Terra. It was a little chilly but we got it done. I’m so happy with the way they all turned out.

Sometimes I have to do a “head-swap” on people in group photos, but for this session I had to do an ear-swap on little miss Terra. Like my dog, she’s got a very serious resting face, and when she “smiles” her ears fold back on to her head. These are ears you definitely want to see, full of personality, so I did a composite image for Terra so we could get smiley-face and perky-ears. That’s a first!

Kim and Brad were very well-behaved and required no head-swapping ; )

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