Ryleigh, 13 days

I was quite thrilled to have precious Miss Ryleigh and her glowing mommy Katlyn in my studio for this newborn session. I’ve photographed Ryleigh’s aunts and uncles before– one of her grandmas is a  neighbor of mine, and gifted the newborn session to Katlyn. How sweet is that?!?

As you can probably guess from the images, Ryleigh’s dad is in the army. I’m hoping to be able to provide a lovely family portrait for them once they’re all together : )

This baby was as sleepy as they come. Not a peep from her the entire session! She just got all snuggled up in my wraps and loved on her Momma during the breaks… such an easygoing little gal. I even managed to capture the elusive “baby smile” while she was lying in the bucket all swaddled in rosy pink with a bonnet.

The sweetness of these mom & baby portraits… the love and pride in Katlyn’s eyes… these are the days on the job that, when my client leaves, I feel so blessed to be even a small part of this experience. Every single time, it is such a privilege to be asked to document this time of new life for a family.

Thanks to the fabulous Andrea Simmons at FaceForward for coming on location to provide hair and makeup services. She did a wonderful job of enhancing Katlyn’s natural look and making our new Mommy feel relaxed and beautiful.

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