Some of my very favorite people ever… The Hughes Family

I introduced Marc and Stacy to one another back in the day. They were in my wedding, I was in their wedding (matchmaker Kasey, at your service!). Fast forward a decade and here we are… They’ve just celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary and the triplets are *gulp* seven years old!

That’s right, there are kids. And one of them is totally already getting his adult teeth. Where on earth does the time go? I still clearly recall the day they told me they were having THREE BABIES. I photographed them in the NICU. I am giddy and happy every time I see these smiling people running toward me with arms open for hugs.

Even though our lives get ridiculously busy and we live on different sides of the big Houston world, we still get to see each other every year for Christmas pictures and these guys simply never disappoint. They call me “Aunt Kasey” and it melts my heart right outta my chest. Somehow, each year they manage to get cuter. EVEN THE DOG.

We started out at my place for a few sleigh photos, then headed over to Challenger Park– the very park where I shot Marc & Stacy’s engagement portraits in 2005. We took several photos on the very same stretch of trail as those engagement portraits… but this time, it was a party of five : )

Six if you count Ruby the dog.

Happy 10th, kids. I’m so proud of you.

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