Stephanie + Kyle: Engaged

When Kyle was in the womb, I anxiously awaited his arrival. He is my cousin, but was one of five boys who were more like little brothers to me. I loved them, I loathed them, I can’t imagine having gone through life without those little jokers… who are all now much taller than me and have actually turned into real grownups!

I’m so proud of the person Kyle’s become, and was pretty delighted when Stephanie came into his life. We all did a little happy dance earlier this year when they got engaged. Come July, there’s gonna be one heck of a party at their wedding!

For their engagement portraits, we met in the wee hours of the cloudy morn at the Sabine Street bridge downtown, and wandered underneath. Then we headed over to the Biscuit Paint Wall, where we had planned to shoot a few photos of the couple and the beloved Volvo… but no luck, Biscuit had the parking lot chained off so you can’t get a car in there. Being the law abiding citizens that we are, we settled for a few couple shots by the pretty paint and moved on to Fannin, where there are various giant walls with various giant murals on them. We found a lovely anarchist dinosaur and Houston’s largest piece of street art, “Preservons la Creation”, which features God, a la Sistine Chapel.  We knew our last stop would be Boulevard Oaks, because Stephanie really wanted some portraits under the old oaks. The median there was an excellent place to showcase the Volvo! The cobblestone path even kind of coordinated with the car’s brick red exterior.

Congratulations, kids!

BLOGeg16_stephanie_kyle-1003Pin itBLOGeg16_stephanie_kyle-1001Pin itBLOGeg16_stephanie_kyle-1002Pin itBLOGeg16_stephanie_kyle-1005Pin itBLOGeg16_stephanie_kyle-1006Pin itBLOGeg16_stephanie_kyle-1004Pin itBLOGeg16_stephanie_kyle-1007Pin itI covered the dinosaur’s head in the shot above, but Stephanie really liked it, so here’s some bonus dinosaur:

BLOGeg16_stephanie_kyle-1008Pin itThis mural is HUGE, and really, really impressive. The incredibly talented artist is Sebastien Boileau, aka Mr D., you can read more about it in the Houston Chronicle article here.BLOGeg16_stephanie_kyle-1009Pin itBLOGeg16_stephanie_kyle-1010Pin itBLOGeg16_stephanie_kyle-1011Pin it



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