Sweet Baby JR… 5-7 weeks.

Little JR was born at a somewhat inconvenient time for me… I couldn’t walk. Awaiting back surgery, I just wasn’t physically able to shoot his newborn photos when he was a 1-2 weeker. Once I healed up and was ready for action, his Mommy and Daddy came down to my studio.

While we got some incredibly sweet shots that day, I wasn’t completely satisfied with the selection… He slept a little while for me, but it’s par for the course that babies in that 5-6 week age range don’t zonk out for us as reliably as the brand-new infants. They’re growing and hungry and starting to stay awake for longer periods of time! We got in two different outfits for JR and called it a day. We agreed that I’d come out to their house and we could try a Christmas look and some family shots. While it’s not something I’d normally do, Mom & Dad are past clients and sweet people so I offered. I’m so glad I did.

The second round (a couple of weeks later) went well! We got JR all snuggled up in my little sleigh, then miraculously calmed him into a sort of tummy-down position in the Santa bucket… PHENOMENALLY squishy cheeks, people. This little man is just beautiful. It was also terribly convenient that his nursery wall is painted a very happy shade of green! Quite seasonal : )

The great thing about babies in this age range– although they’ve “awoken” and are more aware, less fetal-position-squishy, and harder to calm (they can smell Momma from a mile away)… they’re also more filled out and their skin just takes on a radiant glow! They’re getting more and more beautiful by the day. They’ve lost the reddish mottled skin of a days-old baby, passed the jaundice stage, shed their peeling skin, and just have a classic baby look. So, there are trade-offs to shooting our session later in the newborn stage, but there are benefits as well.

To round out the session, we got a few family shots, then the holy grail of family shots– Mommy, Daddy, and two doggies ALL LOOKING AT ME TOGETHER. It’s a beautiful thing when pets cooperate. They already love their little brother!

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