Sweet Baby Luke has arrived!

It’s always very special visiting a family for infant portraits… but there’s the added bit of emotional connection for me when it’s a family I’ve worked with several times before.

Denise hired me for maternity and newborn sessions with her first son, Isaac. They’ve come back each year for a session to commemorate his birthday– it’s just so sweet to watch him grow! When I arrived to their new home to get ready for brand new Baby Luke’s first portraits, Isaac was a tiny bit quiet and curious at first. That quickly changed. He became very chatty and curious! He kept me company while I unpacked the mobile studio and Mom and Dad were tending to little brother. The conversation was pretty doggone cute, people! He was very kind and had such thoughtful and imaginative answers to my every question. We practiced for Luke by placing some of Isaac’s stuffed animals into my “baby bowl”, talking about how he’d lay on the fluffy rug once Luke was in the bowl, and then he’d flip over on to his belly like a seal and place his hands on the outside. I’m happy to report that he did a wonderful job when it was go-time.

Luke made his entrance, and WHAT A SWEETIE! He’s a beautiful little guy with all the pudge I could ask for in a newborn. He loved being swaddled in my wraps (well, he loved the result, the actual swaddling process, not so much) and fought sleep a bit, but he could not resist closing those eyes when I turned on the baby-shusher and stroked the bridge of his little perfect nose.

There is just nothing in the world like a baby.

I talked with Denise later in the evening and learned that during his prayers, when asked what he was thankful for that day, Isaac said, “I’m thankful for Kasey coming over!”

Consider my heart melted. I’m thankful for you too, Isaac!  Here’s Luke Robert : )

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