Tania: Maternity Portraits

Life can be just a bit bonkers when you’re pregnant with twins on modified bedrest, but Tania wanted some portraits of this pregnancy! We were able to make that happen and keep her health top priority by simply bringing the studio to her home, taking our time, and giving her plenty of breaks as needed.

I packed up my gowns, lighting, backdrop, cameras, and reflectors and made my way out to Katy for our session. We were able to move a few pieces of furniture around and shoot our session in the living room (with a quick field trip to the backyard to feature their tropical landscape). Tania’s husband Ryan and daughter Maia joined in the fun. Everyone is so excited to welcome these two precious girls into the family! I can’t wait until it’s newborn portrait time.

Ryan is a friend from high school, and I first met Tania about five years ago when I photographed the wedding. It was wonderful to see them again.

I did several backlit silhouette portraits and they turned out beautifully. Tania looks like a total goddess : )

Tech Talk: This is a one-light setup, with Nikon speedlite & PLM on a stand, which talked to my D700 via Pocket Wizards. I also used a large Larson silver reflector. Hair & Makeup by the fabulous Andrea Simmons of Face Forward.

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