The Baby in the King Cake: 8 day old Maverick

Down here in Houston we take our direction from the Cajuns over in Louisiana when it comes to Mardi Gras. The King Cake is a delicious ring of dough (usually like a big twisted cinnamon roll) frosted with the colors of the season– purple, yellow, and green. Everyone eating a slice is hoping to get the piece of cake with the tiny plastic baby trinket inside, a.k.a. the KING!  If you get the slice with the baby, you are promised luck and prosperity through the coming year. Sometimes, you’re even crowned king or queen of the party!

For those of us along the Gulf Coast, Mardi Gras is about parades, throwing beads, grand parties and galas. Boiled crawfish and king cake are the tastes of the season.

It stands to reason that when your last name is “King”, you’re often the life of the party, and your first baby is due to be born right in the middle of Mardi Gras season, you want your newborn photographer to get that baby of yours into a king cake!


I loved this idea, and couldn’t wait to get little Maverick into my specially crafted infant-photography-prop King Cake with a little crown atop his head. I fired up the hot glue gun, wrapped a wreath in felt, decorated with felt and some t-shirt paint so it would be safe and soft for our little sweetheart. Because I like a very shallow depth of field, I got Mav all comfy in a hat box first, then placed the wreath along the edge of the box. My assistant Claire helped to arrange all the bead necklaces and coins around him on the floor to make it REALLY look like a party. After a few shots, we placed a couple of necklaces and coins in the box with him for some extra sparkle.

How cute is this little bug? I draped him with a neutral gauzy fabric, and he was s sleepy and sweet, laying there in the king cake looking like a tiny milk-drunk Bacchus. Those toes. I can’t even stand it. He’s soooooo handsome!

Nikon D700, Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art Lens, natural light, Larson silver reflector.

IG_kshannoncreative_kingcakebaby-1002Pin itIG_kshannoncreative_kingcakebaby-1005Pin itIG_kshannoncreative_kingcakebaby-1001Pin itIG_kshannoncreative_kingcakebaby-1004Pin itIG_kshannoncreative_kingcakebaby-1003Pin itHere they are… the three Kings. I have a zillion more photos to post, but I wanted to make sure and get the cake photos posted during Mardi Gras. Congratulations Amanda and Brandt! Here’s to the year ahead : )IG_kshannoncreative_kings-1001Pin it

Thanks to Andrea Simmons of FaceForward Makeup for making Amanda feel like a million bucks… because after a week home with a newborn, she told me she felt like a zombie. Zombie, schmombie! What a beautiful little family. We’re so proud of you guys!

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